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Bor Billet Aluminum took its first step in the aluminum sector by establishing an ingot casting production facility in Çerkezköy/Tekirdağ in 1997.

In 2008, Bor Billet Aluminum made a new investment plan and began producing profiles with an 7” extrusion press line and an electrostatic powder coating facility.

Our Production:

1.         Own Aluminum Billet production (capacity: 4.000 tons / month)

2.         Four Extrusion presses: 2x5”, 1x7” and 1x9”. Plant capacity: 27.000 Ton/ year.

3.         Anodizing plant. (Profiles up to 7.200 mm can be anodized.) Capacity: 3.600 tons/year

4.         Powder coating plant (Profiles up to 11.000 mm can be coated.) Capacity: 18.000 tons/year

Products: Aluminum Billets, Aluminum Profiles, Metal Scrap

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