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The story of Ulusan has started in 1983. Initially, Ulusan started trading aluminum and iron besides aluminum installation services. In 1998 Ulusan took the first step in the industrialization field by setting up the plant of electrostatic powder paint. Ulusan started to manufacture aluminium profiles with the investment of 1750-tons 7" SMS press together with OMAV Extrusion line in 2007. Having aded 2500-tons 8" SMS press together with OMAV Extrusion line in 2011 and 2000 tons 7''sms press along with composite panel production line in 2015 the organization, thanks to it’s 24-year sale and marketing experience, has become the biggest in Anatolia and one of the most respectable production companies functioning in Turkey and Europe. Almost the entire production processes are controlled by fully automatic machines. The total production area is 85.000 m2, 55.000 m2 of which are covered.

Products: Aluminium Profiles

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